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Google’s Updated Workforce Representation Data


Google has released their latest Workforce Representation Data, which shares the racial and gender breakdown for their company, something Google has been doing since 2014. Google has added a Vice President of Diversity, Danielle Brown who according to Google “will be responsible for managing our diversity and inclusion strategy, partnering with our senior executives.”

So how do the numbers look?


Google has made some progress increasing participation amongst its women tech workforce, increasing from 19% to 20% over last year.  Hispanic technical employees account for 3% of the tech workforce, while Black technical employees are at 1%.  Google looking to improve these numbers is working with partners like Howard University and other Historically Black Colleges.

Sponsored by Google vice president Bonita Stewart, we recently launched Howard West, a three-month engineering residency on our campus for Howard University computer science majors. Our Google in Residence initiative, which embeds Google engineers at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), is continuing into its sixth year this fall.

While much discussion has been made about the low percentage of diversity in tech communities, it appears Google is taking tech diversity serious and working on making it a priority. It's not only right for Google but certainly for the development and growth of its products and services.  We're happy to see Google be transparent with their workforce data, and we expect to see these numbers improve.


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