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Learn How to Code for Free

learn how to code for free

There are many online options where you can learn how to code for free, but which is the right one for you? You may want to dive in headfirst and learn a new coding language. Or you are just getting introduced to coding and want a free option so you can get some basics down first. In either case, we have curated some of the best providers and share some of their most popular free courses below.

Remember, even though the classes are free, you still pay with your time and energy, so think about what skills you are looking to develop and try the course for a week to see if you enjoy it and are getting value. If you are getting value, then commit to learning!

Eight options where you can learn how to code:


One of our favorite online education providers is Udacity (affiliate link). They offer “Nanodegree” Programs which are excellent! Courses are sponsored by Google, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and many others. Therefore, they can offer a variety of specializations from Intro to Programming to learning about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, to name a few. The classes are given through short videos, online quizzes, readings, and an internal Slack community. Another benefit of getting a Nanodegree is that you get access to an alumni network, which can be beneficial in expanding your career and business.

While their Nanodegrees do have a reasonable price tag to get the full designation, they do offer many courses where you can learn code for free to get started. Commit to a class or two to sharpen your coding knowledge today!

Free Udacity Code Courses Available:

If you are interested in continuing an Udacity Nanodegree, here is a $50 discount for any Udacity program!


edX (affiliate link) is one of our favorite MOOC providers because they offer such a variety of courses that can satisfy any curiosity or specialization. Boost your coding knowledge by finding classes on web and application development, Android, and iOS development, Database Systems, and more. edX also offers courses on Data Science, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, soft skills, writing, even a class on Happiness!

Top colleges and universities founded edX. edX is also the only leading MOOC provider that is both a nonprofit and open source. Their 120 university partners include MIT, Harvard, Berkeley – University of California, University of Texas. Sign up today and explore edX's course catalog.

Free edX Programming Courses Available, include:


Coursera (affiliate link) also provides many great classes from top universities on a variety of subjects like edX. Coursera class offerings are predominantly paid courses. The fees can range starting from $29 to take a course to a $79 a month paid model if you are looking for a verified certificate.

Most are paid courses, but you can still search for free courses on Coursera and find many gems, and you can test drive some courses for a trial run, and see if it’s right for you.

Explore 1600+ online courses from top universities. Join Coursera today to learn data science, programming, business strategy, and more.

Free Coursera Programming Courses Available, include:

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone – even children – to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets. Those new to MIT App Inventor can have a simple first app up and running in less than 30 minutes. The blocks-based tool facilitates the creation of complex, high-impact apps in significantly less time than traditional programming environments. The MIT App Inventor project seeks to democratize software development by empowering all people, especially young people, to move from technology consumption to technology creation. Here are Tutorials for MIT App Inventor.


Whether you’re trying to level up your career, build your side project, or simply play around with programming, you’ve found the right place to start. Explore Codecademy programs and courses, try an exercise or two, and join our community of 45 million learners. You can learn Programming and Computer Science, Web Development, and Data Science.


I have enjoyed a variety of classes from CreativeLive (affiliate link). CreativeLive allows members to view their courses for free when they presented in real-time. We add these live events to our events calendar. If you want the flexibility of a class on-demand, you will have to purchase the class. However, if you schedule your time correctly, you can sit in on some great classes at no cost to you! You can find classes on WordPress, UX/UI, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and much more. Sign up and learn more!

At CreativeLive you will learn skills from the world's top experts – Pulitzer Prize, Grammy, Academy Awards Winners, and NY Times bestselling authors, thought leaders, and legendary business people.

“With over 1,500 curated classes in Photography & Video, Money & Life, Craft & Maker, Art & Design, and Music & Audio, there is something for everyone. Students can watch on-air broadcasts for free or buy a class and own the content for life.”

Apps to Learn How to Code for Free

Grasshopper mobile app

Grasshopper is a mobile application available for Android and iOS devices. This app was developed by a team at Google to help people to learn some coding basics, mainly through learning Javascript.  The best part, it’s free! Download today and start learning.

Swift Playgrounds iPad App (iPad only)

Swift Playgrounds App is an iPad app that helps you learn and explore coding in Swift, the language used to create apps for the Apple App Store. By doing fun activities and quizzes, you’ll be learning Swift programming in no time. Just tap, drag, or type text and numbers and then interact with what you’ve created. Download Swift Playgrounds now.

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