The Science of Everyday Thinking Course

The Science of Everyday Thinking

The Science of Everyday ThinkingThe Science of Everyday Thinking Course Overview:

In The Science of Everyday Thinking, you will explore the psychology of our everyday thinking: why people believe weird things, how we form and change our opinions, why our expectations skew our judgments, and how we can make better decisions. We’ll discuss and debate topics such as placebos, the paranormal, medicine, miracles, and more.

You will use the scientific method to evaluate claims, make sense of evidence, and understand why we so often make irrational choices. You will begin to rely on slow, effortful, deliberative, analytic, and logical thinking rather than fast, automatic, instinctive, emotional, and stereotypical thinking.

We will provide tools for how to think independently, how to be skeptical, and how to value data over personal experience. We will examine the mental shortcuts that people use and misuse, and apply this knowledge to help make better decisions and improve critical thinking.

What you’ll learn:

  • The scientific method and its use in everyday life
  • Tools for improving your everyday thinking
  • Tips and tricks for changing people’s minds
  • Techniques for learning and retaining information longer
  • How to distinguish fact from fiction

Skill Level:





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