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A Data Science career is about so much more than numbers, and the world of data has truly never been more exciting! There is virtually no industry that is not being positively impacted by Data Science, and as someone who will enter this world equipped with the most valuable, and most in-demand skills, you will be uniquely prepared to land a rewarding job, and begin making important contributions to any organization, in any field.

How It Works

Anyone 18 years of age or older is invited to apply. We will review every application, and then select 15,000 deserving recipients to participate in a Scholarship Challenge Course. This is the initial stage of your learning journey and the first step toward your future in data! You’ll spend 3 months in an Intro to Descriptive Statistics course, mastering skills critical for success in the fields of Data Science, Economics, Machine Learning, or Business Analytics. Top students from the initial Challenge Course will then be selected for a full Nanodegree program.

Source: Bertelsmann Announces 15,000 Data Science Scholarships | Udacity

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