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Why Learn JavaScript

There is a talent gap in the workforce today. Marketing firms, agencies, consulting companies, and anyone who needs a competent workforce to handle real-world, tech-related problems are scrambling. 

Demand for talented individuals with experience in computer programming and certifications is on the rise. Technology-based jobs require expertise in a specific field or in-depth knowledge of critical platforms and tools, taking over 23% longer to fill than any other job opening. Meanwhile, the growth rate for tech-specific job openings has increased to over 43% in the last year. Among the most requested is JavaScript. 

Talent scouts are on the lookout for professionals that know JavaScript. According to the job-seeking platform, Glassdoor, a programmer with JavaScript know-how, can expect to earn an average of $100,000 a year, some salary baselines soaring to over $120,000. An excellent salary is just one of the many benefits of having a processing/programming language certification. 

What Is JavaScript?

The History of JavaScript

In 1993, the Mosaic Web Browser was released. The Mosaic Web Browser was the first browser of its kind to have a user-friendly graphical interface. It allowed non-technical people to navigate the nascent World Wide Web. Up until this point, if you wanted to scour the internet, you needed a technical/mathematical formation. 

Mosaic was a game-changer. It democratized the internet, gave common proper access to it, and allowed it to grow into the beast it is today. Mosaic later became Netscape Navigator. Two years later, Microsoft unveiled the legendary (or infamous)  Internet Explorer. 

During these years, web pages were static. They lacked any dynamic behavior. Most web pages were clunky, unoriginal, and just text. 

Companies like Sun Microsystem collaborating with Netscape and Microsoft started what was called the Browser War. They wanted to not only give users the ability to go online but make what they found on the internet attractive. They started to invest heavily in programming and scripting language. Netscape invested in LiveScript, while Microsoft invested in JScript. After years of infighting, market dealings, and billions of dollars, JavaScript became the norm.

Javascript (JS) is the imperative programming style. 

JavaScript (JS) is a programming language. Javascript is a high-level, just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm interface. One of the three major core technologies, along with HTML and CSS, allows the World Wide Web to exist as we know it. 

Over 97% of web pages use one of these tools to run. JavaScript, in essence, allows us to view web pages in a dynamic, colorful and functional way. It is an indispensable modern tool that gives users the interactive experience they expect whenever they go online. Without JavaScript, the World Wide Web would be boring, rigid, and just a bunch of text — similar to reading a book. 

Why Pick an Education in JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the many tech languages out there used for programming. Many budding web developers find themselves on a crossroad, asking themselves, “Which programming language to learn first?”

JavaScript is one of the essential relevant web technologies out there. It is an all-purpose programming language that runs across all software platforms and stacks. JavaScript is the most popular programming language globally, and it has won this honor for over eight years in a row. Around 94.5% of websites use it. 

Finally, thanks to advances in mobile devices, Node.js and Electron JavaScript are no longer just employed in the client end of the spectrum and from the server-side of websites— that means it is now twice as important. 

Benefits of Learning JavaScript

Many people choose to learn Javascript to become a web developer and begin a tech career. Nonetheless, an education in JavaScript will also give you a couple of extra fascinating advantages.

JavaScript Aids You With Versatility

Javascript is one of the most elastic languages on the market right now. If you’ve mastered it, you have endless opportunities. You can code from the frontend (client-side) and other data types from the backend (server-side). If you want any engineering, web-development proficiency, then your best bet is JavaScript.

Is Javascript Hard to Learn?

JavaScript is friendly for beginners. It is an excellent programming language as an entry point to coding. You won’t need to set up any extra framework or infrastructure because JavaScript comes installed in most web browsers— You can start coding and practicing right away. You can get instant feedback because, with minimal coding, you’ll immediately get a visual result. 

JavaScript Is Transferable

A coder can later carry over those skills to other programming languages like Java, Python, or C++ by learning JavaScript. JavaScript is a highly versatile tool that gives you the ability to adopt other programming languages quickly. You can also build mobile apps. 

JavaScript Experts are Well-Paid and In Demand.

In the US alone, there are more than 40,000 job openings. 72% of companies, according to a hiring report from 2020, are looking to hire JavaScript experts. Also, a global search on LinkedIn will reveal that JavaScript professionals have over 125,000 job openings from which to choose. 

Professionals with JavaScript:

  • Get paid an average yearly salary of $111,000 per year. 
  • Can get a job incredibly fast, right out of college. 
  • Can work for high-end clients like Google, Facebook, Apple, Chase, Disney, etc.
  • They can set their own pace. In other words, they can negotiate all manner of fringe benefits like the ability to work remotely.
  • Will find a lot of passionate, like-minded javascript developers in which to interact.

How long does it take to learn javascript?

All programs vary in time to complete, but some of the best programs can be completed in about four months.

Start Learning Javascript Now

What are you waiting for? There are dozens of Javascript courses online that can help you start a promising career. Learn the Javascript fundamentals with simple, straightforward, dynamic classes designed to have you programming within a day or week. Getting a certificate in JavaScript is an excellent opportunity to pivot into a lucrative career and start interacting with the developer community while earning big bucks. 

Please browse through our Javascript tutorials and courses below and begin learning today.

Best Resources to Learn Javascript

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