Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree Program

Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree

Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree Program

Demand for front-end web developers is widespread across every industry and continues to rise. By mastering the valuable skills taught in this program, you will be prepared for roles at a wide array of companies — from startups to global organizations. The projects you’ll build, and the portfolio you’ll develop, will provide ample evidence of your expertise.

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Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree Overview

One of our favorite courses to learn web development online is the Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree program, where you will complete various projects and build a resume-worthy portfolio.

The Front End Web Developer Nanodegree program aims to equip learners with the unique skills they need to build and develop a variety of websites and applications. Graduates of this Nanodegree program will be able to construct responsive websites using CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid, develop interactive websites and UI (User Interface) applications by learning JavaScript and HTML, and connect a web application to backend server data using JavaScript. Students will also build competency automating application build and deployment using Webpack and improving the offline performance of websites using Service Worker.

Prerequisites and Requirements

A well-prepared learner is able to:

  • Layout a simple webpage using HTML
  • Style a website element using CSS
  • Write and test software with JavaScript.
  • Inspect websites using Developer Tools on a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge)
  • Debug and troubleshoot errors and failures in JavaScript programs
  • Use Git for version control.
  • Communicate fluently and professionally in written and spoken English.

Udacity Front End Web Developer Courses:

  • CSS & Website Layout
  • JavaScript and the DOM
  • Web APIs and Asynchronous Applications
  • Build Tools, Webpack, and Service Worker

What are the benefits of the Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree?

  • Learn how to build high-quality websites and dynamic applications for the web.
  • Real-world projects from industry experts
  • Technical mentor support
  • Personal career coach & career services
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