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Roland Ruiz MasPolitica

Interview: Roland Ruiz, MasPolitica

YouTube, as the world’s second largest search engine next to Google, allows you to reach audiences fast and easy, whether it’s doing silly cat videos or trying to start a movement. A new YouTube channel has launched that is trying to motivate Latino to vote and get involved in the political process.

Our guest today is Roland Ruiz, aka, Rolo, who is part of the cast of MasPolitica, a show for Latino millennials by Latino millennials. As stated on their MasPolitica website, “We're not experts. We're not teachers nor reporters. We're just political junkies trying to get you hooked on U.S. Politics so you can understand it, participate in it and not get f***ed by it.”

Questions discussed in the interview:

  • What is the mission of MasPolitica?
  • Is lack of participation partially due to the Latino community just not being aware of the issues, or is it apathy?
  • What is the behind the scenes operation for MasPolitica?
  • Is MasPolitica partisan?
  • What videos does MasPolitica current have?
  • And what videos should we expect in the future?

Mentions in the Interview:

MasPolitica Logo

Favorite Smartphone App:

Google Translate – Google, Inc.

Must Read Book Recommendation:

The Exception to the Rulers : Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them

Shameless Plugs:

Thanks to Rolo, for a fun interview!!!

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