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Donald Kelly The Sales Evangelist

Interview: Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

Bloggers, marketers, coders, developers, graphic artists, and entrepreneurs all have one thing in common – they need someone to buy into their product, service, or idea. In order to accomplish this, you need a sale. You may be looking for an audience to read your content, or looking for that crucial startup capital from an investor – Sales is vital in any endeavor. But yet, why don't we learn these skills in school? Or worse yet, why do we frown upon asking for the sale?

Our interview is with Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist. Donald will provide tips on embracing the art of sales, and shares best practices on selling tech to non-techies. Please enjoy the interview!

Questions discussed in the Interview:

  • How did Donald start working in sales?
  • What is “The Sales Evangelist”?
  • How to overcome the feeling that sales can be sleazy?
  • How should we handle objection?
  • How has sales changed in a world where many people communicate via various channels such as email, text, social media, and others?
  • How one should go about selling technical goods and services without sounding “techie”?

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A huge thanks to Donald Kelly! Keep an eye on this guy, he's soaring!

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