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Diversity in Tech Roundup-2

No 2 – March 26, 2021

This is a weekly diversity in tech and tech education link roundup with the best weekly articles, guides, and tutorials. Each week’s list is packed with helpful tips and links to help you on your tech journey. Don’t miss future roundups, click here to subscribe.

Diversity in Tech News:

The Urgent Need for Racially Inclusive Tech Apprenticeship in the COVID Economic Recovery – (Kapor Center – Medium): Developing a diverse and inclusive technology workforce is critical for equitable economic growth and mobility for communities of color, as well as pandemic recovery. In the next decade, it’s estimated that 375 million global workers will need to gain new skills and change occupations due to advances in automation that COVID is expediting. Problematic for the mobility of BIPOC workers, the US private sector has decreased investment in skill building, while the public sector has underinvested in employment training over recent decades. The need has never been greater for public-private investment and new partnership models to fast-track diverse groups into 21st century careers.

The Equality in Tech Report: A Message from Dice CEO Art Zeile (Dice): As an industry, we can come up with myriad rationalizations as to why gaps still exist for both race and gender, but it’s time to stop making excuses. Our report is based on a survey of more than 9,000 technologists situated throughout every corner of the U.S., and no matter who we are—technologist, hiring manager, recruiter or organizational leader—we need to pay attention to what they’re saying. There’s no point in debating whether or not inequality still exists—it does. What we should be brainstorming, connecting on and engaging with are the possible solutions.

A chatbot named Riley will train volunteers to respond to LGBTQ youth in crisis (Fast Company): The nation’s largest nonprofit for LGBTQ crisis intervention is adding the AI tool so its counselors can role-play scenarios as part of their training.

JPMorgan Plans to Hire 300 Black, Latinx Wealth Advisers by 2025 (Bloomberg): JPMorgan Chase & Co. said it plans to hire 300 additional Black and Latinx wealth advisers by 2025 to serve more clients from those communities and allow employees from diverse backgrounds to advance in their careers.

“We want to drive a step change in the representation of financial advisers” at JPMorgan, Kristin Lemkau, chief executive officer of the bank’s wealth-management unit, said in a statement Friday. “We have made progress in recent years, and hiring 300 Black and Latinx advisers will accelerate that progress materially.”

Watch: Byron Allen Demands Advertisers Spend more with Black Owned Media (AdAge):

5 ways to close the tech industry’s race gap through education (MIT Sloan): On Thursday, March 11, MIT Sloan hosted “Inclusive Education: Building a Strong & Diverse Workforce in America” to discuss the gap. Here are five of their suggestions for how leaders in both the public and private sectors can cultivate diversity in the tech workforce.


Introducing the Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree Program (Udacity): Using JavaScript to create an app from scratch is a highly coveted skill, and more than 25,000 jobs have been posted in the last year looking for people with “full stack JavaScript” skills according to a Burning Glass Labor Insights report.

Coursera Round Table Discussion: Career Advice from Women in Tech (Coursera): Coursera’s Womxn in Tech (WiT) Employee Resource Group (ERG) aims to create an environment where women in product, data science, design, engineering, or any roles requiring technical skills, are equally represented, can thrive, and are celebrated for their unique contributions.

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