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Janel Martinez-Aint I Latina

Interview: Janel Martinez, Founder of “Ain't I Latina?”

A common struggle many entrepreneurs and content creators face is finding the right niche. Everyone is multi-layered, and we all have a range of interests that may inspire us to go out and explore a bit more. But how do you find the right niche? What if that niche is too small? Or how do we even begin thinking about turning that niche into a revenue-generating endeavor?

In this interview, we discuss how to find your niche. Janel Martinez knows a thing or two about this topic since she has developed a niche online space where millennial Latinas can celebrate their diversity. It is entitled “Ain't I Latina?”. Janel Martinez is a multi-media journalist and the former Tech Editor at Black Enterprise. Janel's work and insights have appeared on various media sites including TheGrio, Madame Noire, and The Root. Janel shares some thoughts on how to find your passion, and ultimately turning that passion into profits!

Questions discussed in the Interview:

  • How did Janel start her career in journalism?
  • What is a day in the life of Janel, considering all the interests she is juggling?
  • Why did Janel feel compelled to start “Ain't I Latina?”
  • What should be some steps people should take in finding their niche?
  • What to do if your niche is too specific?
  • How can you start turning your niche into profits?

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You can connect with Janel on Twitter @AintILatina and @janelmwrites.

A huge thanks to Janel for the interview! – JM

Photo credit: Maureen Erokwu

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