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Ray Ortega Guest on devLatino

Interview: Ray Ortega, The Podcasters' Studio

National Podcast Day is approaching! This week’s interview is with Ray Ortega, host of The Podcasters' Studio and The Podcasters' Roundtable. Ray is an expert podcaster, and has been invited to speak at various national conferences, including New Media Expo and The Podcast Movement. Ray provides us with an in-depth primer on how to start podcasting, and provides best practices towards a successful podcast launch. Please enjoy the interview!

Questions discussed in the interview:

  • Why should I podcast?
  • Things to consider before starting a podcast
  • What equipment do I need to start?
  • What software do I need to start?
  • How do I publish a podcast?
  • What are time consideration I should consider before I commit to podcasting?
  • How should I promote my podcast?

Mentioned in the interview:

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Must Read Book Recommendations:

Shameless Plug:

Check out The Podcasters' Studio to learn how to start podcasting. Subscribe to Ray's YouTube Channel.

You can follow Ray on Twitter at @podcasthelper.

A huge thanks to Ray! And I hope you enjoy the interview!

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