How I Created the Instabible App

Santiago Leon, iOS App Developer

Interview with Santiago Leon, iOS App Developer

Our interview is with Santiago Leon, the President of Sleon Productions. He is a WordPress expert and a self-taught iOS app developer.  Santiago created Instabible, a photo-sharing app that allows you to pick any verse in the Bible, add a background and some styling, and then share to your community on Instagram, Twitter, or SMS.

Instabible app screenshot
Instabible app screenshot

Topics Discussed in the Interview:

  • Santiago's background and how he started coding
  • Resources that Santiago used to learn iOS development and build his app from the ground up
  • What to expect from Sleon Productions in the future
  • Rapid Fire round…what is Santiago's guilty pleasure on his playlist??

App Recommendation:

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Shameless Plug

Thanks so much to Santiago for his time and I hope you enjoyed the interview. – Jason

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