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Jessica Santana Evin Robinson, Founders of Brooklyn on Tech

Interview with the founders of Brooklyn on Tech

In this interview, we meet with Evin Robinson and Jessica Santana, founders of Brooklyn on Tech, whose mission is to inspire the next generation of tech thought leaders emerging from the borough of Brooklyn, New York.

If you don’t know New York City’s technology sector is booming. In a recent report given to the Association for a Better New York, Alicia Glen, New York City’s deputy mayor for housing and economic development, estimates the tech sector in New York City accounts for nearly 300,000 jobs, and more than half of them at companies in non-technology businesses, such as finance and advertising. So these are growth opportunities that should be ripe for native New Yorkers, particularly New Yorkers in High School. (Source: New York Times)

Brooklyn on Tech is committed to developing the interests of students and professionals in the fields of technology by providing them with the resources needed to excel in the techno-centric society we live in today.  Evin and Jessica share their vision of Brooklyn on Tech, and how you can get involved with this new venture. Please enjoy the interview.

Jessica Santana and Evin Robinson Founders of Brooklyn on Tech
Jessica Santana and Evin Robinson, Founders of Brooklyn on Tech

Questions discussed during the interview:

  • With the emergence of the tech sector in NYC, are companies reaching out to local schools or they being shut out of this growth?
  • What is Brooklyn on Tech, and why did Evin and Jessica decide to start the organization?
  • What can be done to get more interest from High School students to STEM-related fields?
  • How can local schools help with Brooklyn on Tech's vision?
  • What is the long-term vision for Brooklyn on Tech?
  • How can parents encourage their children to STEM-related subjects?

Mentions in the Interview:

Favorite Smartphone App:

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine – Flipboard Inc.

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Shameless Plugs:

Join and support the Brooklyn on Tech – Tech Flex Scholars Program. And attend the Brooklyn On Tech: Tech Flex Fundraiser (Launch Party!)

You can find Jessica on Twitter. You can find Evin on LinkedIn. I hope enjoyed the interview!

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