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Laura Elgueta, Latiniza Digital

Interview: Laura Elgueta-Sanchez, Latiniza Digital

A common problem that any entrepreneur, startup or content creator faces if they target Latinos, is whether they should cater to the Spanish speaking audience. For many non-Hispanics, they may see Hispanic and Spanish as being synonymous and will think that it is an obvious direction to go to create content in both languages, and once they go down that road, they may find that they are spending too much money in trying to create content in Spanish, or their simple translation strategy ends up alienating the very consumers they are looking to attract.

This interview is with Laura Elgueta-Sanchez, founder, and host of the Latiniza Digital podcast, a Spanish-language podcast that was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as an Emerging Entrepreneurial Podcast. Laura shares her journey on why she created a Spanish language business podcast and shares some tips on Spanish language marketing.

Laura Elgueta SanchezQuestions discussed in the Interview:

  • What inspired the creation of the Latiniza Digital podcast?
  • What are some popular Spanish-language content providers online?
  • Should my business have a Spanish specific website if I am looking to target Spanish speakers?
  • Should I translate my website?
  • Should my business have Spanish social media accounts?

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How to Win Friends & Influence People

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Check out Latiniza Digital for great business content in Spanish!

You can follow Laura on Twitter @elguetalaura!

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