Introduction to Python – DataCamp

Intro to data science datacamp

Introduction to Python – DataCamp

Master the basics of data analysis in Python. Expand your skillset by learning scientific computing with NumPy.

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Introduction to Python Course Description

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming ever more popular for data science. Companies worldwide are using Python to harvest insights from their data and gain a competitive edge. Unlike other Python tutorials, this course focuses on Python specifically for data science. In DataCamp's Introduction to Python course, you’ll learn about powerful ways to store and manipulate data, and helpful data science tools to begin conducting your own analyses. These is a great foundation to begin learning data science.

Datacamp Introduction to Python Course Chapters

Python Basics – You can take this for FREE!!!

An introduction to the basic concepts of Python. Learn how to use Python interactively and by using a script. Create your first variables and acquaint yourself with Python's basic data types.

Python Lists

Learn to store, access, and manipulate data in lists: the first step toward efficiently working with huge amounts of data.

Functions and Packages

You'll learn how to use functions, methods, and packages to efficiently leverage the code that brilliant Python developers have written. The goal is to reduce the amount of code you need to solve challenging problems!


NumPy is a fundamental Python package to efficiently practice data science. Learn to work with powerful tools in the NumPy array, and get started with data exploration.

With over 4 hours of course content, 11 videos, and 57 exercises, you'll be on your way to becoming a Data Science pro.

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