Node.js Application Development (LFW211) from The Linux Foundation

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Node.js Application Development (LFW211) from The Linux Foundation

Improve your versatility in creating various types of Node.js applications. Covering a broad set of use cases and using Node.js core APIs with selected ecosystem libraries, this course fully prepares you for the Node.js Application Developer Certification.

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Who should take this Node.js Application Development Course?

The Linux Foundation provides lots of great opportunities to learn Linux and other open source technologies. This course is for those starting out in web application development and want to gain more practical skills while improving their abilities. The Node.js Application Development course is also useful for web application developers preparing for the JSNAD certification exam. Only basic knowledge of the command line is required.

Node.js Application Development Overview:

By taking Node.js Application Development, you will be fully prepared for the OpenJS Node.js Application Developer Certification (JSNSD) and acquire pragmatic knowledge and core skills that accelerate both Node.js productivity and career growth.

This course provides core skills for effectively harnessing a broad range of Node.js capabilities at depth, equipping you with rigorous skills and knowledge to build any kind of Node.js application or library. While by design the training content covers everything but HTTP and web frameworks, the crucial fundamentals presented prepare the student to work with web applications along with all types of Node.js applications. This includes command-line tools, real-time applications, network applications, desktop applications, build tools, and more.

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