Udacity Android Basics by Google Nanodegree

Udacity Android Basics by Google

Udacity Android Basics by Google Nanodegree

No programming experience? No Problem! Start developing Android apps today.

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Give your career a kickstart by learning Android Basics by Google!

Udacity and Google partnered to build this curriculum for aspiring Android developers who are new to programming to ensure that you get the real-world skills you need to build and accelerate your journey towards becoming a professional Android Developer. No prior experience is required. This is a perfect way to start learning android development.

Udacity's Android Basics By Google Course Overview:

  1. Android Basics: User Interface
    • Learn how to transform hand-drawn app designs into layouts using the XML markup language and use Views and ViewGroups to display images and text.
  2. Android Basics: User Input
    • Harness the power of Java to build a coffee-ordering app, use variables to add interactivity to your app, and learn the basics of object-oriented programming.
  3. Android Basics: Multi-screen Apps
    • Learn how to show multiple screens, and add audio and images to an app. Learn how Android handles touch events and make visual changes to add polish to your app.
  4. Android Basics: Networking
    • Discover the power of Web APIs and how to use them, and learn the basics of networking in Android, including HTTP networking, JSON parsing, and threads.

What jobs will Udacity's Android Basics prepare me for?

Udacity has built this program with Google for true beginners who want to build Android apps right away. This program will teach you how to build apps through six (6) hands-on projects and provide you with Java programming foundations.

How long is this Nanodegree program?

Udacity shares that most students complete this course in 3 months if they commit to learning 10 hours a week.

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