Front End Web Developer – Treehouse Tech Degree

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Front End Web Developer – Treehouse Tech Degree


This course will teach you everything you need to know to build a strong technical foundation, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Development Tools, Business and more. Try Techdegree free for 7 days , then $199 a month

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Front End Development Techdegree Overview 

Treehouse Front End Web Developer Tech Degree will teach you everything you need to know to build a strong technical foundation, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Development Tools, Business, and more.

Develop the skills professional developers use every day and complete 12 challenging projects so you can demonstrate in-demand skills. In the process of creating these projects, you’ll build a portfolio of examples to showcase your talent to potential employers.

Web Developer Techdegree Projects include:

Project 1: My personal profile page

Customize a personal online profile by adding graphics, customizing the text, and improving the look of a web page using Cascading Style Sheets, the formatting language of the web. Share your finished project on GitHub, a website used by teams of programmers to share and work on programming code.

Project 2: Mobile-First Responsive Layout

Designing web pages that look and function well on multiple screen sizes is an essential skill for a web developer. Using HTML, CSS, and responsive design, you’ll create a mobile-first web page with a layout that adjusts to fit mobile phones, tablets, and desktop displays.

Project 3: An Online Registration Form

Web forms appear everywhere online: forms allow users to order books, sign up for websites, and post to Facebook. This project challenges you to build a responsive, mobile-first registration form using a variety of HTML form elements.

Project 4: Web Style Guide

Sass is an important tool in a modern Front End Web Developer’s toolbox. It’s used by many developers to make styling web pages with CSS easier and faster. Create a style guide that can act as your own personal and custom Bootstrap that you can drop into any of your projects to speed up styling, layout, and development in general.

Project 5: An Interactive Photo Gallery

Interactive image galleries are a common feature of many websites, from photo sites to e-commerce applications. Use HTML, CSS and the popular programming language JavaScript to create an interactive, searchable gallery of photos.

Project 6: Game Shop App

In this project, you’ll create a browser version of “Wheel of Success”, a word guessing game. You’ll use Javascript to come up with a random phrase that players will try to guess by entering different letters into the program.

Project 7: WebApp Dashboard

Build an interactive dashboard for a web application using advanced web techniques including SVG graphics and JavaScript programming. The project involves creating tables, charts, graphics, and other user interface components in a manner that promotes interactivity and usability.

Project 8: Use an API to Create an Employee Directory

Many sites — Twitter, Facebook, IMDB, and Wikipedia to name a few — offer a vast sea of data that you can access and display on your own web pages. Using JavaScript, you’ll create an employee directory by communicating with a third-party API (Application Programming Interface).

Capstone Portfolio: The final capstone project for the Front End Web Development Techdegree Program. Show off your skill and expertise in the tools and techniques you’ve learned in the Techdegree by building a professional portfolio to showcase your work.

How much does Treehouse Front End Web Developer Techdegree cost?

You get a free seven-day trial to see if Treehouse is right for you. If you cancel before then, your card won’t be charged. You will be charged $199 when your trial ends and $199 per month afterward. Therefore, please schedule your time and dedicate the appropriate amount of hours per week to complete the Techdegree as soon as possible for you.

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